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Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

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Naskah drama Cinderella versi Bahasa inggris

Once upon a time,in a far away land there was a tiny kingdom, peaceful prosperous and rich in romance and tradition. Here in stately chateau there lived an unhappy young girl Her mother was dead and her father had married a widow with two daughters. Her stepmother didn't like her one little bit. Her name was Cinderella. Cinderella is the name given both her two step sisters .the step mother and sisters were conceited and bad tempered. They treated Cinderella very badly. Her step mother made Cinderella do the hardest works in the house .
one day , cinderella's father was talking with hissecond wife

Dad : hai honney ,this maybe tought for you ,  I will go abroad now, so please take care of my daughter while I go
stepmother : no problem , you'd better go now 

grisella & xylie : daddy i will miss youu

Cinderella : hai daddy, be careful , I will miss you so much  !

Dad : i will miss you too dear, keep your healty okay bye 

cruella & all : byeee 

dad : oh , i forgot something bye 

cruella : byee

Grisella  : hei girl what's your name ?

cinderella : i'm natalie cole gilbert simpson :)

grisella : Oh , Can i give you A name ? now ,i can call you Cinderella

xylie  : yes i agree , it's worth for you girl 

cinderella : cinderella? up to you ..

stepmother : hm cinderella , from now , on you have to obey all orders we . understand ?

Cinderella : yes stepmother

 after one day

Xylie : Cinderellaaaa where are you ?

Cinderella : yes xylie what's up ? 

xylie : washing all my clothes now !

Grisella : wash my clothes too !

Cinderella : yes grisella of course xylie . 

Meanwhile in the kindom..

King : what should i do ?  i'm very confused , and now where is my assistant , loey where are you?

loey :  i’m here sir , what’s up ? can i help you ?

King : come here please !! now, create the invitation letter to party around the country !  you listeeen?
loey : can you repeat sir?

King  you listen ?

loey : oh, okay i understand sir !

After some time . one day, came the Royal guards who spread the invitation letter from the party Palace..

Guard : excuse me, this is an invitation from the Kingdom

Cinderella : ooh , thankyou

Guard : If  I may know, who is yours?

Cinderella : I’m Cinderella 

Guard : Mm oke , see you at  the party

Tok Tok Tok !
Cruella : Do , re , mi , faaaaaaa ..

Xylie & grisella : do , re ..

stepmother : Outch!  Cinderella !

Cinderella :  This is an invitation from the Kingdom mom

Grisella invitation ? Aah  Let me open it !

xylie : No ! i reading i reading !

stepmother : hei hei hei , I reading ! please wait dear,oh? the royal invited us to a dance party .

xylie :  party? 

stepmother : and prince was looking for a woman to be his wife . and you know whaaat ? 

grisella : A prince ? oooh We'll go and dress up as pretty as gorgeous.
xylie : his wife ? If I were the King's daughter, the mother will surely delight

Cinderella : but mom ,  may I follow ?

Grisella : oh oh oh  It looks like the Prince did not want to dance with you 

xylie : cinderella the shabby girl hahaha

Cinderella : well, here i was part of you also , shall i shall not go to a party only because I …

stepmother : No no no , you can join Cinderella 

Cinderella : really? Ooh thanks mom , I promisei’ll ..

stepmother : but you have to clean the entire House contents

Cinderella : yes mom I will .

Xylie : hei mooom ! 

Grisella : what are you said ?

stepmother : No , I kidding dear 

a day in later arrived , second half sister cinderela started to dress up with joy . cinderela very sad for she hasnt allowed to by both her stepsister to the feast of the palace..
xylie  : what shabby girl ? you don't have any dress !

grisella : and you want to go to parties with such clothes ? iyuh~

stepmother : here you keep the house !

xylie : byeee !

Cinderella : hiks , I didn't get to go to the Palace with dirty clothes like this , but I want to go hiks hiks hiks ..
Peri : cinderella stop crying ....

Cinderella : who is you

Peri : I am a fairy , i know all what has happened , hm from now please bring me a toy of  motorcycle and your damage dress  !
Peri  : Sim salabim ! See all and yourself !

Cinderella : Ohhh my god , This dress is beautiful once thankyou

Peri : yes dear , and effect of magic would gone after bells midnight the night stop .so , come back  before passing midnight ! oh another ... sim salabim .

Cinderella : wow transparent motorcycle :-o ! of course , I will thankyou so much ! byee

Peri : okay , be careful dear bye !

After arriving in the palace , she just went into the hall seraglio . so come, view of all here were fixed on her..

Prince : all the girls here are not interest , hei who is she ? like the princess !

Guard : it seems like i have seen her ? 

Prince : but who is her ? 

Guard : hehe i’m forget ? 

Prince  : hmm , hei girl will you dance with me ?

Cinderella : of course prince
Cinderella falls ..

Prince : are you okay ? haha , let me help you? 

Cinderella : eeh , im okay prince thankyou

Ting Tong Ting Tong ..
Cinderella : hah! sorry i have to go prince . 

Prince : hei wait girl !!
In the royal household

Prince : it’s your shoes ? okay i will be looking for you 

The Prince will be looking for a woman who fit his feet with shoes that he found. And one day they were up in the house

guard : we find the woman who is suitable in these shoes 

stepmother : my pretty girl , are you ready ?

grisella : I’m ready ! excuse me can i try? 

loey : okay 

grisella : ah , not suitable for me -_-

xylie : hahaha , you feet are to big gris , and now please let me to do it .

loey : olso not match ?

xylie :  hah? I also don’t match -____-

grisella : hahaha , your feet are too small xylie 

guard :  - _- for you had three girls  ?

cruella :  what? Just this my girl 

guard : okay i will back to kingdom ..

cinderella : hei all wait me , can i try the shoes ?

guard : of course , please come here !

xylie : certainly not be suitable !

grisella : it’s useless !

cinderella :see all it's match for me :D

xylie : hei, it’s not possible !

grisella : yes, i don’t beleive it!

Guard : not indeed you her !

Cinderella : my sisters , i was the one who was prince search and i have got a shoes like that !

Prince : i’m very sure , you are the princess

Prince: will you marry me?

Cinderella : of course , I'm willing to Prince

Prince : what’s your name? 

Cinderella : my name’s cinderella 

Prince : cinderella come to me to kingdom 

They are disappointed and don’t believe what has happenned

Xylie : cinderella , please forgive us

Grisella : we have done bad things to you 

stepmother : you can judge us cinderella 

Cinderella : No! I love you , you are my family mom , grisella , xylie !

X , G , S : thankyou so much dear ,you are very kind , we are sorry, we hope you’re happy with prince
Cinderella : don’t worries , you are my best family . thankyou so much

All has passed away , and the Prince were finally married cinderella and lived happily ever after

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Thank You So Much.... This is very helpful.. ^_^

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Thanks .. sangat membantu

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